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Jib crane

Jib Cranes are rotating types of cranes mounted on the walls, floors or existing supports used for loading-unloading material/machinery and suspending tools, with a pivoting pillar (mast) and a horizontal boom (jib). Jib Cranes support and carry moveable manual or electric hoists that can be handled easily by one man. They are the choices for material handlings in short-distance or serried places.

Jib cranes adapt to the latest and advanced technology developed in recent years, with the characteristic of a unique structure and high-reliability chain electric hoist. They are especially suitable for short-distance, frequent & intensive lifting operations, they have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, convenience, small occupation, easy operation and maintenance etc, which can be operated freely within three-dimensional space.

The jib crane is the most practical and economical solution to make an independent workplace otherwise requiring the use of a bridge crane or forklift.

In addition, a jib crane solves the issue of load handling in tight spaces where different lifting equipment would not be able to operate.

Arm’s length from 2 to 8 m

Rotation 270°

Capacity from 125 to 2 000 kg


Made in European Union

The optimum price/performance ratio ensures high economic efficiency

Durable, reliable and safe crane technology

The request for a jib crane should include:

Capacity, kg

Lifting height, m

Outreach (arm), m

Crane typ

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